5TH DIMENSION X CLOUD 9 CLAY clay care gift set

5TH DIMENSION X CLOUD 9 CLAY clay care gift set



A skincare routine must have! Stimulate lymph nodes + circulation, relieve tension, and clear stagnation. Enhance, Uplight, Soothe. 2 Gua Sha scrapers, handmade by Cloud 9 Clay, + a bottle of Sub Rosa.

When we think of bodily tension or stress, we don’t often think of the face. In reality, our faces hold a lot of tension, which can overtime cause headaches, inflammation, and sensitivities. By lightly stroking the Gua Sha scrapers in an upward motion from neck to face, you relieve tension daily! Daily use is said to show signs of improved complexion, and relief from facial tension that we often don’t notice we have until it’s gone!

We want our lymphatic fluid flowing properly, and when it is not, puffiness occurs. Proper circulation helps our skin filter toxins properly, which is so needed in today’y world filled with environmental toxins galore. By using the Gua Sha scrapers, you can encourage movement of the lymphatic fluids to drain into the body, leaving you less puffy, less inflamed! Lymph responds to light pressure so if you start to look red or pink while your using, lighten up! This is a gentle endeavor <3

Each set comes with 2 hand made Gua Sha scrapers, .5 oz bottle of Sub Rosa serum, and a typed guide for use.

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